Galdermung's Tomb

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Galdermung's Tomb

Galdermung's Tomb is a mid-sized dungeon in the southern mountains of Skyrim.






Galdermung’s Tomb

Galdermung dwelled in Tamriel during the Third Era.  He was born in Skyrim, but sent south to serve Emperor Uriell Septim VII.  Though Galdermung was not of noble birth, the Emperor recognized the young soldier’s abilities as a leader and warrior.  Galdermung’s size was a sight to behold.  Not quite a giant but at least two men tall. It was also said that though he wasn’t a mage, Galdermung could harness certain powers in battle.

The two became friends and Galdermung was one of the Emperors most trusted advisors. As he rose through the ranks of the empire, he became well respected and quite renowned.  He was tasked with taming the wilds of the North between Cyrodil and Skyrim.  His courage in battle was lengendary and word of his deeds and size spread across all of Tamriel.  His reputation garnered him the fealty of many of his brothers-in-arms.  Hundreds of them swore allegiance to him as their soldier King. 

The Emperor’s spies were quick to report this to the young Emperor, who grew increasingly suspicious and jealous of his Captain.  Galdermung assured his friend and Emperor of his loyalty and, for his part, Galdermung remained a loyal servant to the Empire.  Fate was not to favor Galdermung and the Emperor’s advisors sent Galdermung and his legion to quell a bandit uprising near the border with Skyrim.  The errand proved to be a trap as the Emperor’s army laid in wait, ambushing Galdermung and his men along the road near the border. 

The Emperor’s men were quick to retreat believing that Galdermung and his men were vanquished, but he yet lived.  As he lay, Clinging to life, his hatred and desire to seek revenge upon the Emperor festered.  It happened that a mage, named Loji, found the site of the massacre.  With his last breaths, Galdermung summoned the mage, and told him of the betrayal.  He asked that the mage sanctify the remains of his men by placing them in a tomb nearby.  He also asked that he enchant the tomb so that when the time was right he could rise again and seek out his revenge.  The mage resisted, but Galdermung power was mighty and the mage soon relented.

It is rumored that Galdermung’s Tomb has been disturbed and that his wrath has awakened to destroy all of Tamriel with his betrayed and loyal legion at his side.


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