Why this site?

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fable created the topic: Why this site?

There are a lot of other choices out there for those that love creating mods and those that love playing their games with user inspired additions to their favorite games. The Nexus, Loverslab and ModDB to name a few. We love those places too. So why Fables Forge?

Because we felt that there was something we could provide that those sites lacked: Collaboration. The main goal of our site is to bring gamers together. To help modders mod, writers write and painters paint. We are much more a place for creative people to come and create then anything else and to show off what they have done, and then get open feedback through the review system.

So, we hope you share everything. Not just the latest dungeon or NPC, but your art, your writing, you music....your talent. And, if you feel you have more to offer than just posting your latest and greatest work. We want you to teach others your craft to pass along your knowledge and help others excel and produce amazing things.

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