Plagiarism Warning

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fable created the topic: Plagiarism Warning

With the purpose of this site being creativity, we never want to inhibit that which inspires the creation of great works. With that being said, we also want to protect those who create and their works. So, it is the policy of this site to watch for any cases of plagiarism whether it be in writing, painting, modding, animating, or really anywhere. You can avoid any issue by just siting a source, or creating original works of awesome.

If you, as a member, see anything you suspect of being plagiarism of another's work either here or from another source, then please contact us. We will look into it and determine whether it is plagiarism or not. We will always give a warning and allow the creator to correct the mistake or remove the work.

Continued plagiarism or unethical activity by a member may result in a BAN from this site.

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