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fable created the topic: The Vault

The Vault is where anything created by Fables Forge members can be uploaded. It is also where the latest movies, books, games and music from outside sources can be reviewed by our members, and we totally encourage reviews.

We are sometimes asked, "Cant I just post my art, mod, music, etc in the forum?" The answer is yes with an incredibly big but. We will create an area for that mod in the Vault also. The forum is great for development and discussing what you are creating and even presenting beta files, but once your hard work is finished and you are ready to post it. We'd like you to do that in the Vault.

In some cases, if a project is completed and it has moved from beta to stable or complete, we will lock the forum thread or at least direct members to the Vault to download the author's work.

The main reason for this is that the Vault has a more robust storage system and is more visually appealing, so that it will better showcase your work.


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