Game Modifications

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Astrid Follower
Astrid the mage.
4.3 (1)
Evelyn Follower 2.0
Evelyn follower 2.0 is an archer
0.0 (0)
Galdermung's Tomb
Galdermung's Tomb is a mid-sized dungeon in the southern mountains of Skyrim.
0.0 (0)
Leilani Follower
Leilani is a custom follower by the mod author SkyrimGTX.  She can be found in Markarth's Silver-Blood Inn.
3.5 (1)
Niem is an essential follower,  You can find her at the Drunken Huntsmen in Whiterun.
0.0 (0)
NPC54 Female Overhaul
This overhaul changes most of the vanilla women in Skyrim to more beautiful representations. Instead of making the user download 6 files, we have condensed them into one...
0.0 (0)
6 results - showing 1 - 6